Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions for Costa Ricans

1. Does the insurance have coverage for COVID-19?

Yes, the insurance covers in case of being diagnosed by COVID-19, where you can have Medical Assistance coverage for illness, which covers medical consultation, medical examinations and hospital expenses. 


2. Does the insurance have a family plan option?

Yes, you can purchase family plans between 2 and 4 members per family, which have a preferential price.

3. How many days of coverage can I buy?

You can purchase between 3 and 90 days of coverage. 

4. What is the price of the insurance?

The daily price of the insurance varies according to the number of days of your trip and the chosen plan since the amount insured also varies.

5. Does the insurance have a deductible or copayment?

No, the insurance does not have any deductible or copayment when making use of the coverage. 

6. How can I request the use of the coverage?

At the time of requesting to use the coverage, please contact our Customer Service specialists at +57 318-554-4699, to be able to provide you with all the advice and support required.


7. Can I buy several plans to increase the amount of my insurance?

No, you can only purchase one plan per member.

8. How can I request a copy of the insurance certificate?

You will receive a copy of your insurance certificate in your email, once you have completed the purchase. In case you require a copy of your insurance certificate, please contact our Customer Service specialists via phone or WhatsApp at +506 4000-0914 to be able to make the required shipment.

9. Does the insurance have any waiting time to be able to use it?

The insurance does not have a waiting period, your coverage begins when you leave Costa Rica.

10. Does the insurance cover pre-existing illnesses?

Coverage will be provided if a clinical consultation is required due to a pre-existing illness.

11. How can I process the cancellation / change of insurance, in the event of a trip cancellation?

If you need to cancel or change the Insurance, please contact the email or our chat at The cancellation can be made if it is within 5 business days after the purchase and provided that the coverage period has not started. 

12. In case of extension of travel days, can I buy more days of coverage?

Yes, you can buy more days of coverage if required. However, the following should be considered:

  • That any assistance service has not been used within the term of the policy.
  • That the policy in force has not expired. If the issuance of a new policy has expired and the issuance of a new policy is authorized, the first five (5) days of validity of the new plan will be considered as a grace period and exemption from responsibility to provide services or benefits.
  • All medical assistance treated in the first plan will automatically be considered as pre-existence during the term of the second plan and therefore will not be assumed.
  • The acquisition of one or more medical assistance services does not accumulate the services or amounts of medical assistance and / or benefits or the time contemplated in them. In these cases, only the limits established in the services that are most beneficial may be applied.

13. Does this insurance cover Costa Rican citizens or residents who wish to travel outside of Costa Rica?

Yes, this policy only covers national tourists or residents who wish to go outside of Costa Rica.

14. Where can I see the details of the coverage and exclusions of the policy?

These details can be found in the links located in the footer of our website in the Legal Documents section.