Tourist Insurance Information

Valid for entry requirement to the country

Our Insurance for Tourists was created to meet the requirement to enter the country established by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica as a product registered in the Costa Rican General Insurance Superintendency (P20-76-A12-873) and explicitly including COVID-19. 

This is no longer a requirement but it is still highly recommended to travel with insurance.Literally thousands of people have already used it to enter the country.

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Coverage Summary

Medical care 

$20,000 expressly covering COVID-19 and including prescription drugs.

this amount meets the established minimum for companies operating in Costa Rica and approved by the General Superintendence of Insurance.

Lodging Expenses for Isolation

$4,000 with a maximum of $300 per day, covering in excess of the original contracted itinerary.

And more

Sanitary Repatriation or Funeral Repatriation by up $18,000

First Appointment for Medical Care for Pre-existing Illness complications for up to $300 

Economic support for Loss of Passport due to $100


More information

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