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Our SIerra Plan allows you to enjoy a carefree trip knowing that you and your family are protected. The insurance provides coverage and assistance services in the event of unforseen events during your trip, such as illnesses, accidents or medical expenses. The product is registered with the General Superintendency of Insurance (P20-64-A12-753) and endorsed by Sagicor Costa Rica.  

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Summary of Coverages

  • Medical Expense, including prescribed medication: $30,000
  • Medical Expense for COVID-19: $30,000.
  • Medical Expense for Pre-existing condition: $500
  • Funeral Repatriation: $30,000
  • Loss of Luggage: $1,000

Note: This insurance isn't validated by the 'Health Pass' form.

Valid for entry requirement to the country

Our Tourist Insurance meets the requirement to enter the country established by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica as a registered product in the General Superintendence of Insurance (P20-76-A12-873) and explicitly including COVID-19. 

Literally thousands of people have already used it to enter the country.

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Coverage Summary

Medical care 

$20,000 expressly covering COVID-19 and including prescribed medication.

This amount meets the minimum established for companies operating in Costa Rica and approved by the General Superintendency of Insurance.

Lodging Expenses due to Isolation

$4,000 with a maximum of $300 per day, covering in excess of the original contracted itinerary.

And more

Sanitary Repatriation or Funeral Repatriation for up to $18,000

First Medical Attention Appointment for complication Pre-existing illness for up to $300 

Financial support due to loss of passport for $100


More information

See details in General conditionsInsurance Offer and our section of FAQ's.

1. Does this insurance policy include COVID-19 coverage?

Yes, our tourist health insurance policy covers a COVID-19 diagnosis, including Medical Assistance coverage for illness: medical consultation, examinations, and hospital expenses. The policy also includes coverage for Isolation Accommodation Expenses, in the case of a sanitary order (mandatory quarantine).

2. What is the difference between the international insurance coverage of $50,000 and the local insurance coverage of $20,000? 

If you bring your own international insurance, the minimum coverage should be $50,000 and it should specify coverage for COVID-19. However, if you purchase local insurance coverage, the minimum required by the Health Authorities is $20,000. Any of these two options should also include coverage for a minimum of $2,000 for Lodging Expenses in case of isolation.

Our coverage meets the government requirements and includes: $20,000 for Medical Expenses and $4,000 for Lodging Expenses in case of isolation.

3. What are the entry requirements?

  • Fill out the electronic epidemiological HEALTH PASS form, available at
  • Traveler’s Medical Insurance - international* or purchased in Costa Rica.

*For international insurance policies, tourists must request a certification from their insurance company, issued in English or Spanish, verifying at least the following three conditions:

  • Effectiveness of the policy during the visit to Costa Rica.
  • Guaranteed coverage of medical expenses in the event of becoming ill with the pandemic COVID-19 virus while in Costa Rica, for at least USD $50,000 (fifty thousand United States Dollars).
  • Includes minimum coverage of USD $2,000 for lodging expenses issued as a result of the pandemic.

4. Does this insurance policy offer a family plan?

Yes, you may purchase a family plan for 2 and up to 4 family members, at a preferential per-person price.

5. What is the coverage period? What is the maximum length of coverage? 

You may purchase insurance for a period of 3 to 90 days.

6. What is the cost of this insurance policy? 

Insurance costs are calculated based on a daily rate, depending on the length of your trip.

  • As an example: in an individual plan for a person under 70 years of age, on a 3-day trip, the daily value is $ 11.30, a 7-day trip, the daily value is $ 11.10 and if your trip is 15 days, the daily value goes to $ 10.80, and so on.

7. Does the insurance have a deductible or copayment?

No, the insurance does not have any deductible or copayment when making use of the coverage.

8. How can I request coverage?

To request coverage, please contact Customer Service via +506 4000-6987 (phone) or +57 31-8554-4699 (WhatsApp). We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide support services.

9. Can I purchase several plans to increase my insurance coverage? 

No, you many only purchase one plan per insured party.

10. For the required Health Pass form, how do I provide proof of insurance? 

For the Health Pass form, you may reference the Policy Number (starts with SCR...) that you received in your insurance purchase confirmation email. 

11. How can I request a copy of my insurance certificate? 

A copy of your insurance certificate will be e-mailed to you in less than 24 hours after completing your purchase. However, if you require a copy of your insurance certificate, please contact Customer Service via +506 4000-0914 (phone) or +57 31-8554-4699 (WhatsApp), or through our chat in Tienda Sagicor or via e-mail at to coordinate delivery.

12. Is there a mandatory wait period before my policy becomes active? 

No, your policy has no waiting period. Your policy will activate upon arrival to Costa Rica.

13. Does this policy cover pre-existing conditions? 

This policy provides coverage, should you require a clinical consultation due to a pre-existing condition. 

14. What documentation should I present, if I need to claim Isolation Accommodation Expense coverage, resulting from a COVID-19 diagnosis? 

To claim Isolation Accommodation Expense coverage, please contact Customer Service via phone or WhatsApp at +506 4000-0914. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information and requirements to present, which include:

  • A Sanitary Isolation Order that expressly indicates the period (in days) for which the order is issued.
  • A copy of the Insured Individual’s original reservation and proof of arrival to Costa Rica.
  • Invoices for accommodation expenses.

15. If I have to cancel / change my trip, how do I cancel my insurance policy? 

If you need to cancel / change your insurance policy, please contact us at or through our chat at, and we’ll be happy to advise you. Cancellations may be made within five (5) business days of purchase and provided the coverage period has not yet begun.

16. Can I buy insurance if I’m already in Costa Rica? 

We recommend purchasing your insurance policy in advance of arrival. However, we are also in the process of enabling in-country purchase, prior to passing through Airport Immigration.

17. If I extend my stay, can I also purchase additional days of coverage? 

Yes, you may purchase additional insurance coverage at any time, for any additional required days. However, the following should be considered:

  • That no assistance service has been used within the validity of the policy.
  • That the policy in force has not expired. If the policy has expired and the issuance of a new policy is authorized, the first five (5) days of the new plan will be considered as a grace period with an exemption from responsibility to provide services or benefits.
  • All medical assistance treated in the first plan will automatically be considered as a pre-existence during the term of the second plan, and therefore will not be assumed.
  • The acquisition of one or more medical assistance services does not produce the accumulation of services or amounts of medical assistance and/or benefits or the time contemplated in them. In these cases, only the established limits of the services may be applied.

18. Does this insurance covers Costa Rican citizens or residents if they want to travel outside of Costa Rica? 

No, this insurance policy only covers international tourists who want to visit Costa Rica. For residents or citizens who want to travel abroad, you can get the Travel Insurance for Costa Ricans through our Tienda Sagicor website, or contact +506 4000-0914 (phone or WhatsApp) for more information.

19. Where can I see the details of the coverages and exclusions of the policy?

These details can be found in the links located in the footer of our website in the Legal Documents section.

20. When will I receive my Certificate of Insurance and be able to complete the Health Pass?

Most likely, you will receive your Certificate of Insurance in the next 2 hours after your purchase, in some cases it can last up to 24 hours. In that case you have nothing to worry about, your order is being processed. Once you have received your Certificate of Insurance , and before going to the airport, you can include this same policy number when completing the 'Health Pass' (available at In case your flight leaves the country of origin in the next 12 hours, please contact us at to help you with the validation process.

21. How can I request use of coverage for the Lodging Plan?

At the time of requesting to use the coverage, please contact our Customer Service at +506 4000-0914, or reach out via chat or e-mail at

The following are the requirements needed to activate the coverage:

  • Sanitary Isolation Order with the isolation period.
  • A copy of the original reservation.
  • Profroma invoice or reservation quote of the hotel.
  • Policy number.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Name of the hotel where you will be staying, hotel phone number and name of the hotel manager.

Please send all the requirements via e-mail to:

Important benefits

Undoubtedly the best option to travel with complete peace of mind